Would You Squeeze Your Boyfriend's Balls Until He Cried Out For Mercy?


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Lily Bradic Profile
Lily Bradic answered
Definitely not - the thought of that makes me cringe, and I don't even have balls.

Why You Shouldn't Squeeze Your Boyfriend's Balls Until He's In Agony
  • It's physical abuse. Unless he's a masochist and has specifically asked you to hurt him, don't do it.
  • You could seriously injure him
  • You're likely to get kicked, or kneed in the face. Think about it - the knee-jerk reaction to having your balls squeezed until you're in agony is to get your attacker off you as quickly as possible - you'd be in too much pain to stop and wonder if you're hurting your girlfriend in the process.
  • It's cruel, and if you loved him, you wouldn't do it.
Damien Kuklinski Profile
Most likely no. They are extremely sensitive and he can be seriously injured if you did. However, you could stroke them gently.

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