Would a guy feel bad for a girl if he rejected her and she cried? I was rejected again and i cried.


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Sara Bran answered
I would hope he would at least try to cheer you up!LISTEN no crying that makes a guy think wow she's desperate if a guy turns you down start looking for someone else he is the one who probably missed an awesome girl ! Who cares about him dry your eye's have a good time he might be playing hard to get don't wait for him to love you or he might end up using you for something.... Don't whine doubt it's going to help be strong he might not be the one for you!
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Dena Beech answered
Some guys do and some don't. How did he react when you were crying? If he didnt react then seeing you cry probably raised his ego. Never let a guy see you cry, [other then guys in your family]  then you're showing how vulnerable you are.

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