I asked the guy i like out but i sent him a message and asked he never wrote back. Did he reject me? Hes really sweet and warm hearted do you think he rejected me without saying anything so i wouldnt feel bad?


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lucy oswald answered
If he's sweet and warm hearted like you say then he wouldnt have just ignored you like that, if you really like him. You have to talk to him tell him how you feel and ask why he didnt reply. He might feel the same way about you. He also might have to think it over first before replying to you, give him time, boys can be a bit  :s about relationships
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I agree with lucy oswald's answer. Don't expect a fast reply from boys. Plus, you should have spoken to him face to face to cut the chase. Now, you're stuck sitting there waiting for a text message, whether he got it or not... Be brave to ask him out again face to face though. Good luck! =)))
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I also agree with the other two answers before me...1. If he is sweet and warm hearted then he wouldnt have ignored you...2. Don't expect expect a fast reply from guys. I messaged the guy I like out and he didnt reply for like two days...so on the second night I  texted him something goofy and he said that he couldnt reply because his phone wasnt working and then he gave me an answer...I only have three resolutions right now...1. Call him...2. Don't text him for a while...or...3. Text something goofy to clear the air a bit. Good Luck! :)

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