My Wife Wants Me To Wear Pink Underwear Tonight, But I Feel Humiliated Even Though We Are In An Enclosed Room. What Shall I Do?


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Humiliation is on the road to hatred. Why does your wife want that. Is that the only out of norm thing she has asked you to do. What people do in the bedroom should stay in the bedroom, but if you are uncomfortable with it, just tell her. Has she requested things like this before ?  If you do something that humiliates you, just to please your mate, and it is not a situation of life or death, don't do it. No one has to live your life except you, and you only get one. One of the greatest problems today in most situations is the refusal to communicate in depth. Gosh, it would be interesting to know the reason for such a request, but I won't invade.  Best wishes, and be happy.
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My wife makes me wear pink nylon panties , I too feel very humiliated especially when she tells her friends about my panties. She embarrasses me in front of her sisters taking my trousers down and showing them my secret. She has taken photos of me and threatens to send them to work unless I do as she orders. She shaves all my body hair each week and has now made me wear a short nightie and panties to bed, she does not allow me to make love to her any more I just have to lie there and watch her with her sex toys , sometimes she plays with me but will not let me cum.
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Just say to her about your feelings she can't make you do something that you do not want to do so just tell her how you feel she will understand and just wear blue underwear or black just something that you both like
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Tell her you are embarrassed about having to wear pink underwear just sit her down and tell hr how you feel, and ask her if you could wear some pants that are just a little less girl like :D wear some red ones instead its the closest colour to pink and its very sexy as well !
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Ok... I'm going to take this question as being legitimate, and deal with the actual issues here.
Your Wife wants you to wear a pair of tight pink underwear, and you are VERY uncomfortable with the idea. Obviously there is some sort of reason you don't want to wear them (whether it's because they're pink, or because they're tight, or both), but I'm not going to pry, and you may not really have a logical reason. That's fine. We usually don't have cold, logical reasons for how we feel. We just feel the way we do. So that's the issue that needs to be addressed: Your feelings.
Now, I don't claim to know WHY your wife wants you to wear such underwear, and frankly she probably couldn't explain it either, so it's not important. What IS important is that you need to talk to her about how you feel, and let her know that while you want to please her, you just don't feel comfortable about doing this ONE thing (I'm going to assume it's just the one thing)... Then suggest a compromise: Tight is ok for in the bedroom, but the pink just won't cut it, or if you think you can handle it, pink is even tolerable, so long as they aren't so tight. Just not the two factors together. If she's willing to try the compromise, then start making an effort to get comfortable with the feel of the tight underwear, then once that part is gone (or at least eased) then start working on your aversion to pink... With any luck you will manage it before too long....
That said, however... I'd say that this much compromise calls for some reciprocation on her part. Is there something that you would like to try with her, that perhaps you have been hesitating on bringing up to her? If so, now would be the time (when you are showing a willingness to work so hard for her pleasure- and it IS work) to bring it up as something for HER to think about...
 If, however, you just don't think you'll ever be able to wear them, just tell her so, and let her know it's that you are just too self-conscious to wear such a garment, and most likely everything will be just fine. Remember: Communication and compromise are key to living with someone else, and failing to tell her how you feel does great disservice to you AND her.
 I hope I've helped in some small way, and if so, please rate this answer appropriately. Thank you and good luck!
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If it is just you and her why not???  I am sure if you asked her for something she would me  glad to help you out   good ki 

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