Sometimes I See My Best Friends Panties Should I Look?


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Yes panties rule my wife and I match our panties every morning
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Depends on if you are a boy and your friend is a girl.  It is not unusual to get a glimpse of a girls panties.  Some girls even tease boys by letting them get a look at their panties.  So go ahead and look but don't touch unless invited to do so.
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Of course how can you not look?  Now if your best friend is a female, I would say the same thing as if your best friend is a male, who happens to enjoy and wear panties.  As for me, well not only do I wear panties, which I enjoy, but my wife enjoys showing them off to others, especially some of our women friends!  Of course they look, especially when my wife pulls my pants down our my skirt up, so they can see.  But if your best friend is male or female and if you are male or female, what difference does it make?  If his/her panties are showing why not take a look ...
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Boy or girl I would say a good look at someones panties is fine.
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I love panties; looking up girls' skirts especially, and also wearing
them. I wear panties all the time, but always plain white or black with
my girlfriend, with whom I have a perfectly normal relationship.
When I'm on the internet I ask webcam girls if I can look up their
skirts, and If they will hold up their panties to the camera for me.
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Its fine
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I think it rude but if you say hey I can see your panties and they say who care's Look!
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The slogan of the Order of the Garter might well have been "Honi soit qui mal y panties," which being Englished is "The naughtiness of throwing gap is in the eye of the beholder." If the display is deliberate, is that not the wearer's decision? And if by accident, well then it's by accident.Probably not too cool to say 'Hey, what pretty panties you're wearing; did you mean me to see them?" unless she really IS your best friend.

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