I Caught My Brother Wearing My Panties And Bra. What Should I Do?


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Okay, I think you need to approach this quite sensitively. If you tease him about it, you’re going to ruin your relationship - and his self-esteem.

Why Is My Brother Wearing My Underwear?
It’s most likely a sexual fetish. Some guys like wearing women’s underwear, which you might find it weird, but that’s still not a reason to make fun of him.

Everyone gets turned on by different things - just think how mortified you’d feel if your brother had found out about something kinky that you like.

He’s probably wearing your underwear because he’s too embarrassed to go and buy his own, which is understandable. I doubt your mom’s underwear is his size (or as interesting!) so, unfortunately, he’s ended up wearing yours.

You don’t want to make your brother feel awkward about it, because he’s your brother, so it’s not really your business what gets him hot. If he likes wearing women’s underwear, let him get on with it - he’s not hurting anyone!

How Do I Stop Him Wearing My Bra And Panties?
This is the issue here. Forget the fact that he’s into women’s underwear - it’s the fact that he’s wearing yours that’s the problem!

Don’t freak out on him. Seriously, it could give him some huge sexual hang-up where he thinks he’s totally weird and perverted. It’s not that uncommon - a quick search on Blurtit will show you just how many guys do like wearing women’s underwear!

You need to say something like “I don’t care that you wear women’s underwear, just don’t wear mine.” Explain that you’re not happy with it because - well, it’s not nice having anyone wearing your underwear, really! Besides, you don’t want him stretching it.

What Should I Do Next?
You’ve actually got a great opportunity to strengthen your relationship with your brother, here. If your underwear fits him, offer to go underwear shopping by yourself and buy him his own.

This way, he gets his own bra and panties, you get to keep yours to yourself. He’ll trust, love and respect you more for having dealt with the situation so calmly and maturely.

Good luck!
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There is absolutely no basis from the information in this question to support the statement that "It’s most likely a sexual fetish."
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That would be too cool! Just think, now you know what to get him for presents - his own panties and bras.
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Burn them because that's nasty! Then give him money to buy his own

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I'm an only child, but if I had a brother and I caught him wearing a bra and panties, that would certainly be a hilarious moment! Hehe.
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Many guys start out wearing their sisters panties as they are easily available, in the hamper, on the floor, in the laundry pile, in the closet or in a drawer. When many guys first start to notice women's panties they notice they are much different than men's underwear. Women's panties are much softer, silkier, and also come in a variety of styles, colors, prints, etc. For many guys they have no idea why they are becoming so excited seeing a pair of panties and before they know it they are picking them up, and then before they know it they are standing there wearing them, it's like how did I get here and how did these panties get on me. It's common and normal for a guy to be curious about panties and how panties would feel like wearing and how panties would look like on. For most men once they find out how panties feel and look they only want to wear them more as wearing panties feels very good. Men's underwear is not very exciting, its rough, plain and boring. For many guys wearing something that is meant to only be worn by a woman is also part of the attraction to panties. Catching a guy wearing panties is embarrassing for both, and any type of confrontation is not good, unless it's of course to say don't worry it's ok that your wearing my panties. If you catch a guy wearing panties and you don't want him wearing your panties, you can buy him some panties of his own, as mentioned he is wearing your panties because they are the only panties available. Guys who start out wearing there sisters panties eventually move onto wearing panties of others or panties they bought. Guys wearing panties is very common so there is certainly nothing wrong with a guy wearing panties. Check out our profile for more about us.

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I would laugh, then give him a slap and tell him to go buy his own!
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Same happened to my 13 year old brother the other night, he now wears my panties fo school and my other clothes around the house when parents are NOT home. I treat him like a girl and dress him up in makeup and he enjoys it, my clothes fit him because we are the same size but I am 14.

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There is nothing you need to do .. Other than don't make a big deal out of it.  He's probably curious and exploring a little bit.  He is only just beginning to figure out who he is as an individual. 

And tell him .. If he wears it .. He washes it before he puts it back!

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