Is it okay for a teenage boy to love wearing thongs, panties, lingere, and other womens clothes?


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Unless your mother dresses you up in girls clothing at age 3, I would assume about age 11 or 12 years old for most boys . I was probably an exception.  I wore my first pair of panties at age 5. I was staying at my grandmother's for the summer.  One day, she left to go to a neighbor's house to borrow some flower and chat for a few minutes.  At this time I saw my chance to go into her room and look in her undies drawer.  Since  I've been think about wearing girls undies for the last several months, this was a good opportunity!

I looked in her drawer and fondled  several pairs of panties, finally choosing a red pair.  I dropped my shorts, took of my Jockey shorts and proceeded to put on her panties. Even though grandmother was very petite, wearing size panties 5 panties they fell off. So much for my first experience wearing panties.  I carefully rearranged the panties in her drawer and left the room very disappointed.

During the following weekend we went to the house of a friend of my grandmother's. Sally had her grand daughter staying with her. Nancey was age 7.  We liked each other immediately and had a nice time playing games. One afternoon, grandmother and Sally left the house to going shopping for a few minutes.  At that time, one of Nancey's friends came over and wanted to play.  I told them that I was tired and wanted to watch TV.  I figured that this was the time to go Nancey's room and look at her undies.

I went to her room and looked in the drawer where her undies were at.  I pulled out a pair of white panties, went into the bathroom and tried them on.  I got a feeling of excitement that I never felt before .  I put my Jockey shorts in my pocket and went into the living room to watch TV.  Grandma and Sally came home a few minutes latter from shopping non the wiser.

We ate lunch, stayed the afternoon and went home in the evening.  That night I went to sleep wearing Nancey's panties and dreaming about wearing more of them.  The next morning grandmother woke me up and asked me how I liked our visit. I told her that I was looking forward to going to Sally's house even staying for a few days.
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Any age, but for me I was about 6 or 7 when I started wearing panties.  I was playing with my two best friends, who happened to be girls.  We decided to go to our local store to get sodas, but dressed alike.  Since I was the only one not wearing a jumper one of the girls offered to loan me one of her's and we went to her house to change.  Of course when they saw my ugly boy undies they both insisted we should be dressed alike, from the skin out, so I too had to change to panties.  I did and I was hooked!
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Sure, why not?  The only time I would say probably "no" is in a male locker room.  Yet short of that situation, well there is not reason a 13 year only boy can't wear girl's panties with lace.  I did ...
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I've been wearing panties and bra sense high school 43 years ago. I wear them in locker rooms today, I wear them to the doctor's and never been out cast'd.
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It's great, just be yourself and have fun. I know, I have been put in the wrong body since I was as young as 6 years old. I have been wearing panties since second grade and dressing up completely as a girl by age 16. Mini skirts, satin tops matching bras and panties. I love nylon bikini panties the best and I love when people see them on me. It makes me excited when a truck driver pulls up to me and looks up my skirt. Also when out when I go up stairs and boys are running and looking up my skirt. I feel like a girl and act like one too. Try buying a pair of girl's low rise jeans and wear your favorite panties and sit down wherever and let people see the panties you have on. Just great.
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I'm a guy & I don't see anything wrong with it. I wear them too.
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If he can wear them without getting erections all the time, I say go ahead. Women's thongs are beautiful and very sexy. I get turned on when I wear them, which is everyday. Hopefully, he will not catch too much flack from his friends. Maybe he has observed how nice the ladies look in theirs and wants to look the same.
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I say go for it. I wear thongs. I did all through out High school. Caught hell for it, but it was worth it. If you can put up with that then I don't see anything wrong with it.
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No I'm 14 yr old guy and I wear thongs all the time there the most comfortable underwear I can find I havent gotten caught yet and its been like 2 yrs
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Sure, why not!  Most of my panties are some tiny, there isn't any room to put lace on them unless they are made out of lace!
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Yes. But keep in mind that males tend to have more body hair, and lace may cause irritation.
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Not at all weird, If you're comfortable that's all that matters. Thongs designed specifically for male anatomy are probably more comfortable than what's out there for women/girls and provide better support for your junk.
You're prolly going to catch a load of **it from yer buds though, 'specially changin out for gym. If you're willing to put up with it though...I say go fer it!
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You should talk with your parents about this. There is nothing wrong with you wearing panties but you have to get them from somewhere so  I assume that you are "borrowing" them which is wrong. Taking other peoples property without their approval is wrong. Talk with your mom and explain what you would like to do and see what she says. Sneaking around isn't fun and eventually you will get caught.

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I wear panties, bras, corsets and sometimes even dresses!  Also high heels and makeup. 

I'm a 15 year old guy.

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Sure why shouldnt it can I had the idea on doing it to but I don't know where to get such things
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Whatever makes them happy... Its a little different but if it doesnt bother them and they like it go for it
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There is no law against it so certainly it is ok.  When I was a teen I did and I still do.
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Not really and he better hope his friends don't hear of this but to each their own behind closed doors
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You, pretty much. I heard it before, so it isn't that much surprising. Haha. Honestly, I like to wear boys clothing. Its more comftorable. But since I'm a girl, I guess its normal. But for a boy to wear girls clothing...Not really :P
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Tannis some of us are very different and we dont want to be boys/men. I knew from a very early age i wanted to be the opposite sex. I wore a girl friend of mines panties most of my first years of school even i 1st grade. I was completely dressing up as a female as early as my middle teens. Mini skirts, with satin tops, nylon bikini panties with matching bras. Shopping at malls, walks in the parks i was estatic. I did feel like a female all the way now. I let truck drivers pull up to me and see
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im a boy ilove wearing girls panties i love pink ones
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Whatever rocks your socks, just don't get caught wearing them by your folks or your g/f lol.
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No the Bible say's in Deuteronomy chapter 22 verse 5 "A women must not wear men's clothing, nor a man wear womens clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this". So if I were you I would say no. If you want soft underwear like panties try wearing silk briefs or boxers.

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