Why do boys like to wear panties?


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Very interesting question:  From my educational research on this topic...the cause stems from the attraction of the physical scent.  Most boys experiement by smelling their mother's intimates at a young age and then move on to wearing them.  This is completely normal. 

Any other related questions . . . Let me know.

Dr. Jen
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Grace Hampton
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And put them in my pocket. I asked to go to the bathroom and i put her panties on. They were nylon bikini panties, the same style and fabric i prefer to this day. I wore this panty all summer everyday. I washed them in my sink and dried them in a towell to wear again. But to cut to the chase I wore panties through my childhood and by a teenager i was dressing up as a female. But i believe to that it is very normal and exciting.
pantie boy tiger
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im a boy ilove wearinggirls panties
pantie boy tiger
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i love girls pink panties im a boy
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They feel softer and more comfortable than male undies ... And besides that (unless you choose granny panties) they are sexy.
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99% of boys don't like to wear panties... The ones that do are latent homosexuals, want to-be-transvestites,  or just mixed up in the head.  As a young boy, I was never tempted to sniff my Mothers undies...  Dr. Jen's research must have been done in a psycho ward or something.
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Lee Jay
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That is probably true, Steve, that 99% of boys don't wear panties. But for those of us who have or who do, well it could be that Dr. Jen is on to something ... But certain none of us are in psycho wards!
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Most cross dressers are hetero sexual. FYI there is nothing queer about it some guys just like to show their feminine side

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