Why Does My Boyfriend Like Wearing Girls' Silk Panties?


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Quite a few men like wearing women’s underwear - you only need to search Blurtit to see just how common it is!

Women’s Underwear As A Sexual Fetish
Some guys have a fetish for wearing women’s underwear - it turns them on.

This could be because of the feel of the silk, or because they find it psychologically-arousing. Some men get a thrill from the taboo of wearing something that’s meant for women, too.

Does This Mean That My Boyfriend Is Gay?
No, probably not!

It’s easy to assume that a man is gay or a transvestite because he likes wearing women’s underwear, but this isn’t always the case.

In fact, many men who have a thing for silk panties are actually completely straight.

What Should I Do?
First of all, don't make him feel like a freak. You don’t have to incorporate your boyfriend’s fetish into your sex life if you don’t want to, but you should still be accepting of it. After all, we can’t help what we get turned on by!
It could be the feeling of silk on his crotch, or he might be hiding deeper feelings and he might have a hard time expressing himself, so the most secretive way of fulfilling those emotions is by wearing panties.

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