What does it mean when a boy has a girlfriend and ask for a picture of you in your bra or under wear?


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I remember when my ex asked me that. Turns out he was a player!
First of all; ask him if he loves you only for your body.
Second of all; why does he want it?
Third of all; it does seem like he wants you for your body.
Last of all; How old are you?
Now-a-days boys are getting pictures of their girlfriend in underwear and posting it on sights like facebook when they break up. I know girls it has happened to. Personally, I wouldn't do it. But it's your choice. Just be careful! (By that I mean don't send it... But personal opinion!)x
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It means he's a cheater and a player and he's not worth your attention. You should not send him a picture of yourself and you should tell his girlfriend because in my opinion he doesn't deserve her either obviously! Hope this helped in some way!:) <3
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It means he's a douche that has no respect for you or his girlfriend. He is just like the other 20,0000000 men in world that think its accpetable to do this. He doesnt like you, sorry put it bluntly, he just wants a picture of you half naked for is personal pleasure. Trust me sending a picture of yourself like that may not just stay with him, it could be sent round to all of his friends , you never know.

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