Why Is It The More I Wear Panties And Nightie For My Wife, The More I Want To Wear Them?


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Don't feel bad, it doesn't take anything away from your manhood, you doing what you wife asked you to do she's the only person that matters, and if you like it better for you, I personally don't see anything wrong with it if it's good for you and your wife.
Have fun enjoy your life who care what anyone may think, life is too short.
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Mike commented
I wear panties 24/7. My wife knows and loves it. We have matching outfits. I wear panties and lingerie because it makes my wife happy and horny, and it feels good on my skin. Wear what your like and let others worry about what they wear. I'm sitting here in panties and a tee shirt now. Enjoy yourself and keep your wife happy, life is to short.
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Nothing wrong with wanting to dress sexy for your wife, its a great feeling to be able to do so. I do it for my wife and makes a difference in bed and out of bed. Wear my panties 24/7
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Because it feels good and you can't go back to wearing mens. And if your wife enjoys it I say don't worry about it. I wear panties 24/7 and nighties and my wife loves it.
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I think you feel comfortable wearing them now. It is great your wife enjoys you in lingerie, wish mine did.
If I were you I would not let it bother me, enjoy!
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That is not unusual, the look and feel of sexy lingerie is as exciting for you and an added benefit is that it is for your wife seeing you in sexy lingerie.  So most likely those are reasons enough for you wanting to wear panties and nighties more and more.
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Sharing with a loved one something that both get pleasure from is self reinforcing; driving the desire to share even more. That is how it is supposed to be.
Enjoy and keep wearing that sexy lingerie
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I have ben wearing them a long time and still love them so does my gf if and I always will. You both enjoy them keep wearing them

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