What Is Wrong With Men Wearing Nighties?


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There is nothing wrong with men wearing nighties, and in fact some men prefer to wear them to bed. It may be frowned upon by society for a man to wear what is usually a woman's undergarment to bed, but if you feel comfortable in yourself then that should be the only thing that matters!

Men wearing nighties

There are three basic reasons why a gay or straight man may wear nighties in bed.

  • They prefer the feel of a nightie on their skin to other nightwear. This means that they may feel more comfortable in bed -  especially if they usually have problems sleeping - and that this would give them a better night's sleep.
  • The wearing of nighties by gay men can also be for their own sexual pleasure. The feeling that it is frowned upon in society will most probably only increase this fetish. The wearing of a sexy nightie to bed can easily spice up your sex life!
  • Some women may like to see their male partner in nighties, especially if they are into BDSM. Making a man wear a nightie to bed will increase the woman's sexual pleasure and sense of sexual superiority over their other half.

Some men wear nighties to bed for all sorts of different sexual and non-sexual reasons - so, ultimately, what you wear in bed is your own choice!
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Nothing, absolutely nothing. My wife introduced me to fun of wearing nighties, including Baby Dolls.  Now I wouldn't want to ever stop, or go back to sleeping in male pj's.
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Nothing, I think every man should try it....actually its quite a nice feeling - I know, I've tried it.
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I don't think it is wrong - everybody could wear nighties.
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I personally think that there is nothing wrong with men wearing nighties or for that matter any other clothing regardless of which sex it was originally intended for.

I love wearing all sorts of "woman's" clothing however I would never wear it in company because of the publics media driven perception that it is wrong and you must be a "sissy" or "gay" to do it.

This fear of being labelled impacts a lot of dresses and I do not dress in front of anyone, not even my partner. Whenever she is away on business I do treat myself to some new clothes but when she is due back these clothes either get well hidden or sent to the clothing bank.

I await the day when a person can be accepted regardless of what they wear

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