I was recently dumped by a guy because he only sees me as a friend. I don't hate him & I do want to be friends, but he's being weird now. We're mostly okay, but then he'll be mad at me when people tell me bad things about him. Is it me or him?


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

Actually its a little of both here as while hes afraid youre listening to these other people, you may be be believing it.  Its sounds like he actually more interested in you than hes letting on, hes just not ready at this point in his life to have a relationship so hes confused at to what he really wants here, a friend or a GF. You have to learn that you cant control his moods and are only responsible for your own so just let him be but don't tell him what others are saying about him as hes thinking you believe them and not him.  Good luck

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Amanda Layne answered

Umm ya this guy sounds like a jerk hun. Sorry I don't mean to be harsh or what not but if he broke up with you why is he sticking his nose into what people say privately to you?

Whether he likes you or not, I would try and move on, at least until he matures and works out what he wants exctly

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