I don't get the purpose of love. I'm young, I'm only 14, but I don't get it. To me it's just falling for someone and getting your heart broken in the process. Do you feel the same way?


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Love is something that is developed, not something that just happens. It can start with infatuation, and fall apart, or it can develop into actual love. I love my wife, and have developed that love over the years, but really never understood, when I first met her, what love actually was/is. After 24 years I now know what actual love is. It is not the "get all wobbly in the knees, heart pumping fast, and the 'hoping they call soon'" drama. It is understanding each other, and caring about the welfare of each other. You may "fall in love" with a few, before the "one" comes along. "Love is a many splendored things".

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At 14 that pretty much is the process. But every time you fall for someone your learn more about yourself. Each time you date someone you learn about what you want and what you don't, so when you get older and are ready to settle down you can find the right person.

And for what it is worth, sometimes you are the one breaking someone else's heart.

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You're confusing puppy love with the real McCoy. Love is what makes life worth living. What you're going through at age 14 is just a learning curve. It'll get better, I promise.
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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

No one ever said that Love makes sense but its more a part of life and eventually the survival of the species so it is what it is and when you find your Mr Right in about 10 years, you wont even care it doesn't make sense, trust me and he will turn your whole world upside down. Good luck

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You're basing this on one bad experience. Like the others said, it's not real love. I've had my heart broken, but I believe love still exists, you need to find the right person. Like you said, you're young, as am I. You'll find love and you'll see it differently, promise ^^

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" love ... Is a curious thing ,,,, and it makes a firey ring ,, bound by wild desires,,,! I fell into a ring of fire ."

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Love is not gonna hurt when you find the right person. You haven't experience much yet. But i can see where you having this idea.beside your age & you'll develop more as you grow throughout your mind & body. What you seeing is "Teenage Drama" where mostly everyone has some relationship drama to deal with & usually girl's heart will be broken because of some teenage guys who are just boys who wants to mess around, they are not a "Man" but an immature boy. Both sides acts immature anyway. But that's not what love is about.

Love is a passion. Love is about sharing your life with someone else. The time arrive that there would be no "me" or "you" but "Us" to be come united. To feel the meaning of being "together" to have each other's back. Love is about knowing that you have someone that you can say or do anything without being judged. You can share anything with your partner & talk about everything & anything. Love is about building a new life together, washing each other's pain away. Calming, supporting & protecting each other. Love is about knowing that you have someone will believe in you whatsoever, Love is about bringing confident into each other's heart, building each other, developing each other, and standing as one heart & soul. Love is a two piece of a puzzle that match & will show one united image. Love is about respect,trust & full care over someone else, where you care less about yourself but caring more about your partner. Where your partner will become the priority of your life beyond everything & everyone. "Love" is what humans based on it.

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The person I married wasn't the first person I loved, you may get your heart broken more than once but when it's THE person you'll realize why the others didn't work out.

At 14 you're going to have intense feelings and get your feelings hurt but that's part of growing and finding out what sort of person you do or  don't want to end up with.  When it's real love you won't be in any doubt and it will be worth every heartache you've ever gone through.

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The highs and lows of passion and drama, thankfully love turns out to be different to the movies or else I'd be emotionally spent by now :)

Love is two people supporting eachother and having a good laugh at our idiosyncrasies. A bond that you share and nurture.

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