What Are Some Really Fun Things To Do With My Best Friends?


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Play baseball with apples
play twister with bubble wrap underneath it
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Shopping, make BFF chains, sleepover, make up games, truth or dare, would you rather, crazy makeovers, bake brownies, jump on the trampoline, play with pets, have a fashion runway, karaoke contest, tell each other secrets or stories, make a tent, ETC
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Hi, I'm from Aussie so my idea of fun, may be a bit different to yours. Go to the beach, go surfing, throw a big party, go to the pool, go camping, go hiking, have a sleep-over on your yaught, play chasings on ride-on lawnmowers in the cow paddock, ride sheep, ride horses, go to the zoo, pelt eggs at each other (wear goggles). Thats fun the Aussie way.
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I play PIG but for trampoline tricks haha (like i do a backflip 360 and they have to land it or they get a letter)
It's fun.

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Make a magazine with quizzes, polls, articles on whatever, and a photo shoot for the cover.

( for quizzes, visit www.funquizcards.com
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-Go on the site:  Www.thehairstyler.com bracelets and necklaces with beads
-Design clothes with material
-Remodel your room
-Play cards, other fun games
-Watch TV
-Play Nintendo DS
-Hang out in the room and chat
- www.youtube.com
-Prank call
-Internet, MSN, etc.
-Make a funny POWERPOINT presentation
-Cook (make cakes, cookies…)
-Watch a rented DVD
-Make a milkshake
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Well where I live their is really not that much stuff to do that is fun .We don't have a mall, a movie theater, bowling alley, or even starbucks  but what we find to do for fun do in in my small "hick"  town is ride  4-wheelers (atv's) and jump hills, go to the creek and bring the good ole radio.:))

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