What Fun Places Are There To Go With Friends?


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I am not answering this question just looking for better answers catered to my particular situation. I live on the Big Island. 

There is no amusement park, water park, laser tag, and bowling is expensive. I am trying to cram in some fun for my friends and I before summer ends. The only good movies playing close to me at a reasonable price are in the last two weeks of summer. The weather seems a bit down in the beach areas and I can't do girly stuff because the guys would not be having fun. 

I think if we tried cooking stuff my friends would go crazy and add salsa and tomato soup to cookies.

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I recommend you to have a picnic with your friends or see a movie together.

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Movies., out to eat., laser tag/ arcade., the zoo., each others house., the mall., the park., beach., an amusement park., bowling., factory tour., have a  party(cookout or pool party for example)., iceskating/ rollerblade., color., walk the dog., bake a cake/ cookies., go sledding., build a snowman., plant., volunteer., write someone a note (snail mail.!)., take pics (smile eVeRYoNe)., play aboard game or the fun game twister after that hilARioUs dance off.
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It depends where you live and how old you are. I live near Houston so these are things that I would do:
Paint-balling is always awesome!
Get some friends together to play soccer or backyard football. Go to the lake-(Kayaking, Canoeing, rowboat, paddle-boat).
Go to a concert or professional baseball/football/soccer game.
There is the Saint Arnold Brewing Company to tour and taste lots of beers, or go wine tasting which ever one is your type.
Go on a road trip! Best way to make memories is by going on an awesome road trip to Vegas or New Orleans. Go to a casino and take lots of videos/pictures!
You can go camping, hiking, BBQ on the beach and then camping out there
go-carting, renting a dune buggy for the beach.
Go to 6 Flags Amusement Park.
If you live more north then go white water rafting or skiing/snowboarding.

If you're artsy then try painting, there are fun places in Houston like Pinot's Pallette that has an instructor to teach you how to paint and you can bring your own wine and snacks. You can take dance lessons with friends. Go work out. Pole dancing lessons are actually really fun! Even if you're really conservative, pole dancing with a group of girls that you trust is still a blast. Make a video with your friends.
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Just go to each others houses and muck around and do what you like doing best.
Make some you-tube videos , have photo shoots, do each others make-up ( even try it blindfolded!), make up a dance and do some cooking and get messy. ( for girls)

If you want to go out somewhere, go for a walk around the street and find as many people as you know!
There's heaps of things to do. You just have to use your imagination
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Go rollarskating(its fun watching people fall)
Or go to the mall or shopping.
Or my favorite chuck e cheese! (;
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Ice skating.
Picnic is also quite cute!
Go bowling, watch the movies.
Go to Thorpe Park! Or go shopping!
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Go buy some milkshakes ;)
if you have a 'shakaway' in your town, thats an added bonus :D
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Go to venice beach and ride bicycles

go bowling

go shopping

go to a movie

make a music video

jump off a roof

go cook

go rob a bank

give your friend money

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