I have friends that make fun of me Because my mom died how do i prove that it is sad?


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I second what Franklin said. But I would also like to point out that in reality you don't have "friends" that make fun of you because your mom died. They may be people you know, and even spend a great deal of time with. But that isn't something a friend would do. Don't ever allow yourself to be made to believe that this is something that is OK for anyone to do simply because they claim to be, or even ever were your friend.
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Franklin Bland answered
First I am sorry for your loss.
Second, whatever age you are the need to feel accepted should never lead you to accept hurtful behavior of someone to feel a friendship. A true friend would be empathetic to your emotions. As we get older it is helpful to understand the difference between a friend and an acquaintance. The less you need peoples approval or acceptance the more confident you become. This sometimes leads to having more acquaintances, not necessarily more friends. 
That being said some human beings are very uncomfortable with sadness in general and death especially. So the try and make awkward jokes to make you happier or avoid talking about it or many other hurtful actions. A true friend you should be able to approach, not in front of a group but privately and say " You know what?? I love my mom and she has passed and it hurt me that you ______" (Fill in the blank.)  Honestly. Tell them you need their support.
A true friend will understand and you should see a change. Anything else is BS and you should not deal with it, but seek freindship elsewhere.

Once again , I am so sorry for your loss and hope you find peace and balance in your life.
                                                                          Live Well
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You don't and shouldn't have to lower yourself to their level to prove anything here my friend. Sometimes people can be such idiots and hurt others without ever realizing what they're doing til it happens to them, but I'll tell you one thing if this is how my friends reacted to my Mother dying, then they're not worth having as friends. Sorry about your loss.
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Find new friends.
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Shevy Young answered
Why would they laugh at you if they were your friends? They would completely understand that you're sad and they wouldn't laugh, so they aren't your friends if they don't understand then they are not your friends. Why would friends do that? If I had friends like that I would just stop hanging out with them because they are being bullies and bullies are not friends.
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Hey I'm sorry to hear that but I think there not real friends, I am so sorry this must be verry hard on you , best of luck x

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