My date to prom isn't really that attractive - she is actually kinda fat. I don't know what to do. I don't want my friends to make fun of me! Please I need guidance?


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If you're not attracted to her, just go as friends. Unless you asked her in a really romantic way, you could just act casual and normal around her and if your friends tease you then they're being immature. You're doing a really nice thing because girls often have concerns about their weight and as long as you don't say anything about it, you'll make her really happy and you can hang out with your friends as well while you're there.

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Too late now as you've already asked her out and trust me if you don't go through with it, the whole school will come down on you and not just your friends  - so stand behind your word and enjoy and have fun. 

There had to be a reason you asked her and you don't have to explain that reason to anyone.  I suspect this girl is very special on the inside and the outer appearance can always be changed. So be a man and be proud of your date here or else she will see through you and it will be a very long night for all.  Have fun.

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Wow too bad she doesn't really know what you think of her, because if she did she could dump you in a second. Now it looks like you're going to make what could be a memorable night for her a forgettable one. The only guidance you need is to grow up and soon. Looks aren't everything...

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First of all I don't think that you should be thinking about your friends making fun of you. You pretty much just made fun of her and then you want to ask a question about you, not knowing what to do about her. I think that is rude tbh. 

You really need to grow up. She might not be the smallest person but you really need to think about if she is a nice person and has a good personality.

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Couldn't have said it better my self! :)
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LOL he doesn't need guidance,he needs Jesus. He should not put a question on here like this and then go and ask for advice. Like did he really have the audacity to ask a question about this. Who does he think he is. He needs to go and look at himself in the mirror before talking about someone else.
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'This question tbh, is rude af. You don't make fun of a person's weight, because you never know what could be causing it. Maybe something is going on at home, you never know, so says she's "fat" makes you look like a huge jerk. And there is NO such thing as an ugly girl. 

I know that you didn't come right out and say it but you said she isn't "attractive" and as for your friends if they're making fun of you for who you go with then they obviously aren't your friends, or are terrible friends. You need to grow, and show some flipping respect for your lady peers. You ever heard of this thing called CHIVALRY. Yeah this term doesn't really exist these days. It means doing things right for a woman, open the door for them, etc.. Basically what I'm saying is GROW THE FLIP UP.

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