Why do people think being single is bad i have been single for 2 years and i acculy love it how can i prove that being single is ok because i have family that that thinks that being single is bad what can i do?


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Toni Pauze answered


You live your life the best you can. You live your life doing what makes you happy. No one else can live it for you.

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Yin And Yang answered

Maybe your mom has grandchildren in her eyes?

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Otis Campbell answered

To each one their own choice

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Darik Majoren answered

Not everyone is able to "Share" their life. That is what a relationship truly is. As a single person you get to be the King/Queen of the castle and have everything you do all about you (unless you do everything with a Best Friend).

Although I can picture my life as a single person and be totally fine, I like the one I have being married . . . Even with all of the "bad" times, it still seems optimal to me.

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PJ Stein answered

About 23 years ago I was all about being single. I was going to live my life as I wanted and didn't have to consider anyone else's needs or feeling about my plans for my life. Then I met this guy. The attraction was instant. Two days after meeting him we went on our first date and have been together since. Married for the last 20 years.

Do what is right for you, but don't close out all the possibilities. Life has a way of changing on you.

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Fortis Paradise answered

I can't imagine being in a relationship, for multiple reasons. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be with someone who is your best friend and so much more, if that's the case a relationship would be great. Ultimately it's your life do whatever you want with it.

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Tom Jackson answered

When  I was growing up, I was taught that there were 3 vocations in life to which a person might be called upon to pursue.

Marriage, the single life, and the priesthood.

Old fashioned?---maybe; but it gave equal value to the choice of the individual, regardless of the individual's choice.

Maybe not just old fashioned---maybe old fashioned wisdom.

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Lilly Gray answered

I'm single and it's really good flexibility wise!! Sure, some people think its bad because that's what society has told us is important: To get a Significant Other. But it's not really. Only if you want one, for emotional reasons. Sure, I sometimes miss having someone ~special~ to do something with, but it's nothing long-term. You just live the life you love. That's the most important thing.

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