It's this anonymus person on another app that thinks it's true that I will never find a boyfriend and that I will be single for the rest of my life?


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Don Barzini answered


Can another person not have their own opinion?

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Darren Wolfgang answered
You sound like your a troll and your giving me headache. Why all this nonsense with finding a boyfriend. You really need to stop the drama or I'm turning your spam/ trolling over to my Chief and he will contact a local Sheriff in your area will come and place you in jail.

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Olivia  Davis
Olivia Davis commented
How do you know where local area is?
Willie B. good
Willie B. good commented
We know everything about you Olivia, how do you think your picture got posted on this website??? So I suggest you take Darren's advice and stop all this boyfriend nonsense, if you value your freedom. :)
Olivia  Davis
Olivia Davis commented
@Willie B. good I want to value my freedom but I still want a boyfriend.

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