What To Do When My Friends Make Fun Of Me?


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Their must be a reason why they make fun of you, and they are not good friends if they are making fun of you.
Just get new friends and avoid them but do not get into an argument with them.
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Tell them to stop. Really tell them to stop in a harsh voice so they understand you are serious. If they don't stop then, they're not your friends. I know how hard it is to walk away but just find someone who you think is nice and not embarrassing. I know how that is too. =] If you can't find a "perfect friend" just don't hang out with your old friends for about a week and then start hanging out with them again. Then they'll know you'll really mean it.
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If they make fun of you they are not true friends and you need to inform them of that. Tell them, just because you are different in ways that is no reason to make fun of someone. No one is the same and that is just how you are different!
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If these *friends* were really friends, they wouldn't be making fun of you. Real friends would accept for who you are. Let them go. Try not to start a fight, or they will never forgive you for it. Find some friends who accept you for who your are.
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Apparently this group of bullies aren't in your class... And yes these fellow students are bullies...it's so low to hide within a group...you said stop, and nobody listened? They are bullies for sure.. Now do "Ignore"..as best you can. A real friend would support you. That's what friends are for.
Glad you took the first step and reached out..good for you!
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Try walking away from them and talk to other people and don't ever keep on being nice to them if they always insult you fight back. If your other friends arent exactly sympathetic then try talking to people who maybe have the same sort of problem.
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Dump them and hang out with someone else. If they're no fun to be around, then what's the friendship worth? Support? Well, they're not giving you that either. If there "friends" are popular, then you should hang out with someone more down-to-earth and understanding. But don't be afraid to be different. I'm learning that now, and when you stand out it's a great feeling because you know you're not just a clone of everyone else. I'm happy that you told them to back off, but it's time to take it to the next level. Ignore them until they get the point. If they don't then they don't deserve to be your friend.

Good luck, xcrunner
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Hello friend,

It seems you need help learning how to say "no". When you tell your friend to stop it, you must do it in a way that implies, "stop it, or else". It's kind of immature, but 9 out of 10 people are not willing to obey someone, unless they know that there will be painful consequences. If you don't believe me, I'm sure that when you say "stop it," they say, "what are you going to do? (you wuss!)". Tell them clearly and assertively, "If you don't stop it, I'm going to leave." 85% chance, they will stop. That's because people obey when there are consequences... No matter what the consequences are...If they don't stop LEAVE. You deserve more than staying around friends that don't respect you anyway.

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Talk to them and tell them that it hurts when you make of you. If they keep on then there not your friends
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Don't call them friends if they always make fun of you. Try to ignore them. Find nicer people who will accept you for who you are. You deserve respect.
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Hey it's xcrunner27 again, just wanted to say that I have an account now, so .... Yeah..... Guess I'm just a little excited. . .
And hey, how are your friends treating you now?
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Yep, that was awkward what i just wrote just now, but i wanted to say that I hope you take my suggestion to heart. . . It worked for me.
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My used to be best friend for life is getting meaner and meaner each freaking year now I hate her!

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