How can I make my boring life sound interesting to a guy?


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Be yourself. You don't have to have an interesting life to be an interesting person :)
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Id have to disagree with that..I've met a lot of boring girls..Being themselves made things even worse because there was literally nothing to talk about. I guess it doesn't hurt if your attractive but that'll only get you so far.
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First of all personality makes a person interesting and attractive to a person. Not someone going on about how great there life is. If you feel you need to make yourself sound more interesting through the life you lead to a guy then that is basing a potential relationship on lies and a bloke who is only interested in that side of you ,is a person  not worth talking to. I believe that 99.9 percent of the human race wishes they have an interesting life. We all have boring periods in our lives. Be true to yourself.
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Savannah you have the Wright answer you got the words out of my mouth. & yes you have to be yourself in order to be interested; I also suggest to read from different subjects A man gets tired to listen to women that only talks about superficial things such the cloth  they purchased last wk or things that plastic chicks talk about
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Why is your life boring? Well. First off go have some fun and tell the story to the guy you like. DO NOT BE BORING.

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