What Is The Best Sexual Position For Plus-Size Women?


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Having sex with a plus size woman isn't really all that different from having sex with a smaller woman.

Finding the right position certainly helps, and using pillows and other props might be a good way of getting the friction and angle you want.

Sexual positions for plus size women

The main issues you'll want to think about are the angle of insertion and the depth that a penis can achieve.

Carrying a bit of extra cushioning will mean that a man might find it hard to get the access to your vagina in the way he might like.

In my opinion, communicating with your partner is going to be the best path to great sex.

Great sex for fat women

The way I see it, the most important thing is that both partners are open, communicating and having a good time.

There's nothing that's more of a mood-killer than a woman who is struggling around trying to cover up her stomach, positioning herself in 'more flattering' positions, or bickering about not having the lights on.

The first step to great sex is embracing your body and making use of it. If your partner is in bed with you, his main concern is going to be having sex with the hot woman in front of him.

He'll probably be aware by now that you're not a size 6, and that fact that you're able to turn him on is all that you need to be worried about.

I could spend ages suggesting positions and different ways to use pillows and other props, but the most important thing I think you'll need to do is simply talk with your partner.

You both need to accept that certain positions might not work, but that shouldn't stop you from being adventurous and experimenting.

The best thing to do is to have a giggle and try as many positions as possible till you find the right one. Here are some suggestions:

  • Missionary-  Can be a problem, big thighs do get in the way. Why not try raising your knees to your chest and inserting a pillow underneath your butt to give your partner the best access to your vagina.
  • Doggy style- can be a challenge if you're blessed with a large posterior, but you can allow greater access to your partner by raising your butt high up in the air and propping yourself with a pillow under your stomach. This is also very comfortable. 
  • On top- It's often thought that getting on top of a partner and riding his penis (or her strap-on) is impossible for an overweight woman. That's all just a myth! Get on top of your partner, and make sure to distribute your weight evenly using your hands (rather than sitting up right). Using a pillow under your partner's butt will also give him the lift he may need.

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