What sex position is best for your first time?


8 Answers

Rachel Pruitt Profile
Rachel Pruitt answered
Are you kidding me? Aren't you 15? You are throwing your life away to some guy your not even going to marry. This isn't Twilight. We don't fall into true love in high school. Jump back into reality missy because 3 months from now when your crying next to a cell phone after reading a break up text from him then you'll realize it wasn't even worth it.
Makenzie Zepada Profile
Makenzie Zepada answered
Texting him to come over while parent r out then when he drives up take off ur shirt when he comes in ur room lay on ur bed with only ur bra and underwear on and when he lays on u  pull off ur bra and let him decied the rest
Brian  Webster Profile
Brian Webster answered
Just get into room with him rest other will automatically happen.

But I prefer to be on top while having sex.

Mia Laron Profile
Mia Laron answered
Sitting in his lap with his dick inside you. Because you want to see his blushing face and when he moves you up and down your breasts will rub against his chest making both you and him more horny. :) Thats what im gonna do for my first time.

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