Which Is The Best Position That Satisfies A Girl Most?


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Suhail Ajmal Profile
Suhail Ajmal answered
Well, it depends upon the girl, whether she likes the man on top or she wants to be on top. What kind of position she likes the most. There are hundred specific positions for sex. Try all, you will find the one. Click below to find 101 sex positions.  
101 sex positions
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Anonymous answered
All positions mainly doggy & her being on top.
Lenalee Lee Profile
Lenalee Lee answered
Well, it depends on what your girl likes. If she likes flowers, then give her some nice flowers. If she likes a day out, then bring her to a very romantic place.
Melissa Forestier Profile
The best answer to this is for you to ask the women because we are all individuals.  Just remember that the brain is the biggest sex organ.  The clitoris of a female is intended to bring pleasure so don't forget foreplay and never be afraid to try new things.
Minovia Harris Profile
Minovia Harris answered
Whatever position she wants. Just ask how freaky she wants the position to be.
Tiffany Stone Profile
Tiffany Stone answered
Girls usually like it when they're on top, so their breasts don't feel squished or hurtful. Sex has its own creative ways!
Paul Profile
Paul answered
It varies from woman to woman. Some love being on top. Some love doggy. Some love missionary (yes, really). There are a plethora of variations of each. Try all of them.
Kitty Kaat Profile
Kitty Kaat answered
As long as you "warm" her up first just about any thing. Plus's for the doggie though!!

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