How Do You Talk To A Girl In 6th Grade?


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Talking to a girl who is in the sixth grade is much like talking to a girl at any age. However, taunting her and pulling her hair will not get you the kind of attention you want. To talk to her you might want to get her to notice you a little more often. If you feel confident enough to go over and start chatting with her, you might want to hold back depending up on the kind of girl she is. For instance, a really shy girl might not prefer such a direct approach.

You need to be friendly to both her and her circle of friends. Make sure you spend more attention on her or she might feel you are after one of her friends. Always dress well, smile and use a few clean, funny jokes around her. Act like you are confident, even if you aren't.

Find out what she likes so you have something common to talk about when you do approach her. Be prepared to back down if she doesn't want to talk to you.
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Okay im a 6th grade girl when boys come up to me and act all goofy i giggle if they act like a show off i wont date them if they r just bein funny i will i dont like shy quiet guys barely anygirl does!!! This boy sam faragon i think he is supper hot and he talks to me all the time i even think he likes me girls can usually tell when a boy likes you alot of the time they rnt mean and wont tell anyone on the other hand if you ask them out and they say no all their friends will know it is a gurl thing good luck
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Definetely just be yourself (I'm a girl in 6 grade) and almost every girl I know HATES guys that pretend to be cool. GOOD LUCK!
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Really all you got to do is be yourself...the girl will tell you she hates you if she does. Because guys always come up to me and they mumble and I'm like speak!
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Welll its real simple if you really like her you should really talk to her!!! But if she dosent have the same feelings then you need to move on and that shows that you can find a way better girl!! Your not even through half of your life yet and you shouldnt be worried cause when your older your going to find all different kind of girls your going to like!! So good luck and you know what you want!!!
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Well if you have the impression that she doesnt really like you try to impress her. Your only in 6th grade so don't do imature dumb things that would be a turn off for her. Ask her what shes into her likes and dislikes but don't be shy because there is nothing to be shy about. Well good luck :D
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I'm a 6th grade girl and don't act cool. Be cool. If you play sports, your a shoe in 4 girls like me. I am a girl who likes guys who play sports and likes to have fun. But I'm not blonde or dumb. I know how to take charge and response ability. So, I'm perfect (and cute)!! So if you want a girl to like you and you play sports, look for girls like me! 

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