How Do I Ask My 6th Grade Crush Out Without Being Nervous?


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bailey watson answered
Take my advice and just ask someone to ask him if he likes you=)than when he says yes or no if he says no do not give up if he says yes than just ask him out but you and him ok no friends around trust me been there [email protected]#$%^&*()_ And do not be nerves  just tell him how you feel about him
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Take deep breathhes! If you kno she likes yu then there nuthin ta worry aboutt. I kno most guyys r afraid off bein rejectted. Its verry common. Just focus on what culd happen!! Focus on her sayyin yess....NOT NO! I'm a gurrl and ive asked out alootaa guyysp.s! I'm nott a slut!!) ive been rejected beforree. Its hard and it hurtss yur heart! But it happenss ta everyone! So breath in and outt andd most girlss think its kinda cute wen urr a liiiittttlllee nervous(; just a heads up!

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