Is It Normal To Get Nervous When You See Your Crush?


5 Answers

Amberly Dawn Profile
Amberly Dawn answered
Its not a bad thing if you do and it is normal
scout deere Profile
scout deere answered
OF COURSE but try to play it cool
Katie Lele Profile
Katie Lele answered
Yeahh but try not to look SO nervous don't make it obvious then they will know that you like them
Tori Christina wells Profile
ITs totaally! Normal!! Some ppl hav no probss talkin to thir crush or even walkin by emm! I'm in midle school and everytime I walk by my crussh and he sees me! I feel like ima faint!! Whoo. Ahha(: But just remeber to playy it cool and don't trip over sumthin like I didd. I tottaly embarrised mi selff :/ buts itts all good my crush helpd me up...haha hope tht happend ta yu!! Haha jk(:

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