Why do I feel like I failed life if I don't ask my crush out by highschool? Does anyone else feel this? I'm 13 and a boy (Grade 7)


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13 is a good age to start evaluating your choices in life. Many will say it's too young to feel that way, on the contrary, you are in the beginning years of becoming a man. It's important you keep conscious of your decisions. 

Ask her out. Build confidence in yourself, it's important at a young age. Good luck!

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It's a bit early at 13 to be assessing that you've failed life. You've barely scratched the surface at this point, give yourself a break. 

My advice to you is ask her out, the worst that happens is you get a "no" and you are no worse  off than you are now. But at least you'll be satisfied that you made the attempt. But just maybe she says "yes",...only one way to find out....Just saying.

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Recentley 1 of my friends got rejected at my school and its motivating to do it but its... tempting. If she laughs at someones jokes a lot doe sit usually it means they like them?
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It means she st least likes the jokes. Think of it this way, Daniel: if she didn't like you at all, would she even listen to your jokes?
Remember amigo, you're only asking her to spend an afternoon together, not to bear your children.
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Okay, I'm 13 too and I think you're thinking WAY too much into it. I don't think you should ask her out unless you're ready to--don't do just to do it. Do it because you really like her and you really want to go out with her. And if she says no or if you don't do it now, it's not a problem--it doesn't mean you failed life!

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Unless you've killed someone, 13 is entirely too young to feel like you failed at life.

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I cant stop feeling like this If i dont ask her out but it would get so akward aswell if i ask her out. Im in Canada and we dont have middle school where your switch classes. We just have 1 class.
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When my youngest son (now 22) was 13 there was this girl that he told me "he can't live without". He doesn't even remember her now.
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At 13 you are just beginning to live your life. You also are just learning who you are. Plus high school is still  a few years off.

While setting goals is a good thing, you are placing a lot of importance on something that can you can very well change your mind about. Just as you are l just learning who you are, your current crush is doing the same thing. You may find out she is not who you thought she was. Not only that but you may find another girl that you like even better.

Now I am not saying don't ask her out or not to put yourself out of your comfort zone.  I think it is important to put yourself out there. What I am saying is relax a bit and don't put such a big importance on it.

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Well, don't worry too much if you don't. The actual final exam for life is most likely many, many years away for you.

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