How can I get closer to my crush (without asking him out) even though he doesn't like me back - I want to be able to see if something could happen- please help?


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Walt O'Reagun answered

If he doesn't like you back ... Forget it - move on

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Tom Jackson answered

There are general principles we understand about why people are attracted to other people, but when it comes to predicting why or whether two specific people are or will be attracted to each is a real gamble---not everything is based on reason. 

A relatively low risk gambit would be to try inviting him to go with you (come along, not take you) to some activity to which you are going to with a group of a few friends and to which you will go even if he decides not to attend.

If it doesn't work out, just remember the old saying:  "You can't push the river."

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Wear something skimpy

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