How To Get Girls?


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Getting girls has become quite easy in today's world. There are many places you can look for girls. The internet is the best option to look for girls. It is a better way to find girls as you can share your likes and dislikes, similarities and other stuff before actually meeting the person. You can check out many social websites. You can find girls that live in your area as well. Other places include malls and nightclubs. There are many girls who come alone there. In order to get girls, you must have a pleasant personality and be extremely sweet and nice to them. Girls love guys who have an incredible sense of humour and those who are very sophisticated. Girls like guys who treat them like a princess and also who buys them little things such as chocolates and flowers. Be creative and be original and very important, be confident. These are the keys to getting girls.
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I think a good way to get chicks is to introduce yourself and as you get to know her be really polite and stuff and never lie to her because believe it or not chicks are smart and will figure it out so just be yourself you can never go wrong.
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Give em a complement and walk away
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To get hooked up with girls you need to one of these 3 things.
1.Talk to the girl and say nice things to her.
2.Get to know the girl then when she is interested ask her out.
3.Kiss the girl and have a lot of sex, get married, have kids, and die in the same tomb.
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Getting girls are sometimes hard and easy! It depends which girl you are flirting! And how did you ask the girl to go out with you or somefink like that! If a guy asked me out I would really want to know him first. You can't just ask a girl out randomly...
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Ask for sex lol
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Be nice and stop focusing on much on appearances. Some of the best-looking girls can be the meanest girls also, because they are used to people treating them because of the way they look, and not because of the way they are.
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Considering the fact I am a girl my advice is to act funny around girls but not so funny the you go nuts. Never go to overboard. Always remember girls are different from guys they have more feelings they don't like it when you use insulting sarcasm.
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You could try just being yourself. And most of those "pretty" girls are just waiting for someone to approach them that are not total losers. And yes. Jocks are total losers. If you talk to a girl like she is someone and not something you'll probably have better luck
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Girl is not an food which you get from market... Respect them than you defiantly get a cute girl.
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It is not necessary that a beautiful girl will come to just because you treat her nicely and that you brought her a few chocolates. My experience is all of the beautiful girls are used to this treatment.

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