My Penis Is Only 12cm Long. Is That Enough To Satisfy Girls?


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Tracy Koroma answered
12cm is about 4.7 inches. That’s not huge, but it’s not tiny either!

Does Penis Size Matter?
As a woman, I can tell you that it honestly doesn’t matter as much as people think. It’s not the size that’s important, it’s how you use it!

Will I Be Able To Satisfy Girls?
To be honest, most girls don’t usually reach orgasm from penetration alone, no matter how big the guy’s penis is.

In order to satisfy a girl, you need to stimulate the clitoris, and spend plenty of time on foreplay - get her warmed up first! Girls really need to be in the mood to enjoy sex, so if you’ve got that covered, size isn’t a big deal - excuse the pun!

Sex Positions For Men With Smaller Penises
Any position that stimulates the G-spot, which is located a couple of inches into the vagina on the front wall - will be great for pleasuring your woman.

You’ll want to be more adventurous than the missionary position - try a variety of different positions, and ask your girlfriend which she prefers. You can even let her go on top - this way, she controls the angle and pace.

Good sex doesn’t depend on the size of the guy’s penis - I’ve slept with smaller men who were better than bigger ones!

If you spend time on foreplay, choose a good position, and focus on what feels good for your girlfriend, she won’t care how big you are.

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