Where Is The Best Place To Have Sex For The First Time?


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Sex is a really personal thing, so finding the perfect place to lose your virginity is also a pretty personal thing.

Everyone will have their own preference, but in my opinion there are a few things you should take into consideration:

Read on to find out what they are, and where the best place to have sex really is:

Where to have sex for the first time? Here are the things you should consider before giving someone your 'V-card':

  • For the rest of your life, people will ask you 'what was your first time like?. You'll want to have a good answer, so don't make it sound lame by starting it with 'we were in the backseat of his car when...'
  • Having sex for the first time is a high-pressure event already. You don't want to add extra pressure by doing the deed somewhere that'll make you feel uncomfortable. Sex in an airplane toilet might sound racy, but that might be a bit uncomfortable for your first time.
  • Although location does matter, you shouldn't get too hung-up on it. Sex is a magical experience, and it's going to be magical wherever you have it, just like Christmas!
The best places to lose your virginity

I've thought about this long and hard, and here are my top 5 places to lose your virginity:

1. On a boat. Who wouldn't want to say they lost their virginity on a boat? Preferably some sort of designer yacht or something (not the battered motorboat your uncle used to take you fishing in every summer).

2. Abroad. Travelling is always a great chance to let loose and have a great time, and a lot of people report losing their virginity on 'that summer vacation in Europe'. Remember, what happens in Paris stays in Paris.

3. At a swanky hotel- Nothing says romantic better than a fancy hotel, so this option has to rank among the top 5.

4. At band camp- If nothing else, you'll get to sound like a character from American Pie.

5. On the beach- What could be more magical than making love under the stars with ocean sounds in the background? Just make sure to bring towels, as sand has a habit of getting everywhere!
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I will say be careful use condoms, you want to make sure that you LOVE this person. And also ask him if he had sexual partners and what number he says, add 3-5 to it . But to answer your question if both of you want it to be special and you are 18, then get a nice room.

Hotel room! But I would at least wait because, Honey - let me tell you, once they get it, they are gone. They just want the V card. Tease him a little, tell him you'll do it and then wait a week form the date. If he gets frustrated, then don't give it to him.

If he is a sweetheart go ahead, but please make sure you have been with him at least 6 months to a year.

I know it may sound like a whole lot but just think when you tell you story to year friends about how you lost your V card it sounds romantic, not rushed, and you can honestly say you guys had something special.

But remember you can always wait. A man doesn't want a girl who has had a lot of sexual partners.

And if you want to get married a man will measure your easiness on how many guys you've been with.

And remember when you tell him the number of guys you may have slept with he will add on 2 guys because he thinks you're lying!
There's a girl on Tyra who was holding an auction for her v-card.  She is currently at 275,000.00  so just imagine what you're worth!
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Wait until you are married and then have this in private on your honeymoon.
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Maybe one of you have a good friend that you trust. If you are both comfortable with it maybe one weekend you can hang out there and use a room in their house.

You have to talk to the friend first of course. I don't know if that sounds weird to you but I know when I was in high school friends would help each other out like that.

That's the best suggestion I have right now. Hopefully it works out for you.
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I think if you do truly feel ready and use a condom, I think you should go ahead make sure you only do things you are comfortable with. I think maybe a friend's house that you trust or if you have the money, rent a nice hotel. Don't do what I did..

I did it for the first time one year ago at a house party with a boyfriend who I didn't even like...I think you're being very mature for asking first. Good luck and enjoy it. Xxx
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I was 25 when I had my first time.  It was in my then boyfriend's bed.
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It is your choice. Yes, definitely it is your choice to select the place where you can easily erase your tension and fully enjoy the time with your partner.

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Rent a tented pontoon boat and tie off somewhere out on a lake. You have a private floating motel room.
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Well, I've only had sex for the first time once, and we did it on a pool table; so... On a pool table.
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In your own house when you can pay for it and have jobs to pay for the possible outcome of having sex outside of marriage...DOH!....if you we're actually ready you wouldn't be asking us...

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