Where Is The Best Place To Take A Girl On The First Date?


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Somewhere where you are know and have a lot of friends. Say a restaurant where you know the manager or the waitresses showing that you are a pretty liked guy will impressed your date not to mention help you feel like you are at home. Which should serve to boost your confidence and get that girl on a second date!

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From a female's point of view. Take her somewhere that's romantic, like maybe, to a restaurant where you both can have a candle lit dinner or maybe a park where the both of ya'll can walk around and talk, get to know each other. Even the movies would be nice. Any place like that would be fine...The most important thing is that she enjoys herself.
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The best place to take your girl out on your first date is either go to a restaurant, go to the swimming pool, cinema... Or you could just ask her where she wants to go... Then you wouldn't have to worry where abouts your sending her and ask her questions like "did you enjoy it??, when do you want us to have our next date" or you 2 could have turns, like she plans the first date and you plan the 2nd and so on...
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Anywhere nice dinner ex.
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Um probable to the ice skating ring or something like that
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So okay I'm a girl and from my point of view I would say somewhere nice and enjoyable like a nice restaurant or the movies or the funfair! That's always fun.

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Any place she's very much comfortable going, where she could enjoy a lot and simultaneously feel it being worth going out with you. Depends, some nice restaurant, beautiful sight seeing, leisure.

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The best place to take a girl is where she feels most comfy, such as her house, your house, an arcade if your a youngster. Alternatively, what I usually do is go to a club if your girl is the wild type.

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