It Hurts And Burns Every Time I Have Sex. What Should I Do?


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Duane Baker answered
First, TELL YOUR PARTNER! Stop having sex until you see a doctor.
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Rajesh sawant answered
Use a saliva as lubricant or any specific gel , for slippyness
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R Maye answered
Getting your first check up is highly recommended. Follow up or annual visits are also highly suggested. You may not have proper lubrication, and that would cause pain and sometimes burning. It's possible that you may also have a vaginal infection. There are lots of reasons, but only our gyno can tell you for sure. Not to scare you, but you could also have a STD. To be safe, I would suggest you get yourself checked out.
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Well there is a couple things you can so.

1. Go to the doctor and get checked out

2. Wait at least a month for you to have sex again.

3.use protection sperm sometimes burns

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