Why Does Sex Hurt The First Time For Girls?


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YES!!!! Well, for most virgins, it hurts, for others, it doesn't. However, the pain isn't SO bad, just a pinch, or sharp tug. It hurts, but not bad for some, because we are all different. Make sure to tell him to go slow or slow down when you begin to feel sharp pain, (IF you do) if he really cares for you, he will listen. Sometimes you bleed after or before and the nest day it MIGHT hurt too. And no, sex for guys should not hurt, (lucky =P) unless something is wrong, like an infection, an allergic reaction to spermicide or latex, by a
physical condition such as having a foreskin that is too tight, or by
an irritation from previous sexual or non-sexual activities. If a guy
is experiencing pain during sex, it's a good idea to make an
appointment with a clinician to check it out. Well, that's all. (Make sure you are ready!)
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Just because it hurts for most virgins doesn't mean it's SUPPOSED to hurt for them. The pain is avoidable in every almost case. Most girls do not feel any pain when they are educated, lubricated, in the mood, and relaxed.
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I know Sanssouci, you obviously haven't read my answer close enough. I said most hurt but but not all because we ARE ALL DIFFERENT!
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I did read your answer. Your post made it sound like it's perfectly normal and natural for most girls to feel pain, and that is simply not the case. Rather than tell girls they may or may not feel pain, we should be telling them why most girls feel pain, letting them know that it is avoidable in almost every single case, and letting them know what they need to do to avoid it.
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Sex isn't supposed to hurt anyone.  

Pain during sex is usually caused by the woman being too dry, too tense, or not in the mood.  That can happen at any time in a woman's life.  But it often happens the woman's first time.

Most women have heard the old myth that sex is supposed to hurt the first time.  Due to the poor sex education in most schools, most girls don't even know that it's not true!  So most girls tense up their first time because they expect it to hurt.  And the fact that they tensed up is a large part of what made it hurt!  

When a girl is nervous it can also make it harder for her to produce natural lubricant.  The vagina is very delicate.  When it is too dry, the friction of sex can cause discomfort, pain, and even bleeding!  Foreplay or a store-bought lubricant can usually fix that problem.  But most people know so little about their own body and have heard so many sex myths that they think the discomfort that they're feeling is normal and unavoidable.  So in many cases they don't even try the foreplay or lubricant!   

The penis is not quite as delicate as the vagina.  So when the woman is
too dry, it usually hurts her more than him.  But it can hurt him.  It
can even tear his skin a little.

And after all that the girl often thinks, "See, it did hurt!" and she runs off to tell all her
friends that sex does hurt the first time without even realizing that
she was simply doing it wrong.  And that's how the myth stays alive.

So most women who are educated, lubricated, relaxed, and in the mood do not feel any pain at all even their very first time.  That means it is important to have a good sex education under your belt long before you have sex.  Do some research.  Schedule an on-gyn appointment so you can ask questions and get birth control.  Make sure you read the directions on the birth control and take/use it as directed.  Take your time and get comfortable with your partner.  Buy a water-based lubricant from the store in case your body doesn't make enough on its own (we all make different amounts).  

If you still feel pain when you are relaxed, lubricated, and in the mood, discuss it with your doctor just to make sure nothing is wrong.
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The reason that sex hurts many girls, is because the thin skin, called the hymen located in the vagina, has not been broken.  And some boys actually have claimed that they feel a slight pain.
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that's the way it is for girls.

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