Why Does It Hurt After Having Sex For Females?


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If you have not had many sexual encounters or if his genetalia is extremely large then yes it is normal dear...no worries.♥ {Always make sure he wears a condom}
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Ive been having sex for 2 yrs and it hurts still! What does it mean!! I'm scared because sex doesnt bring pleasure to me..I moan but I really be wanting to scream it hurts so freaken bada! Plzz help me!!!
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Maybe you are experiencing a little friction due to dryness. Try using a lubricant.  My favorite spot is Luxlube.com.  You may find that you might need to try several different products before finding the one that is just right for you.  Lube had greatly changed my sex life.  Hope this helps!
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I'm sore myself... No pain during the procedure... But the Morning After oh my god...... :/
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When I lost my virginity, I almost cried it hurt so much. It will hurt almost 100% of the time when you first have sex, if you're a woman. The pain should go away after 2 or 3 times, though.

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