Why Does My Husbands Private Part Hurt After Sex?


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During sexual intercourse a lot of friction can be created which can effect both the inside of the vagina or skin of the penis, particularly if no lubricant is used and the vagina is not overly "self lubricated". Especially with excessive intercourse or intercourse for a prolonged period of time, it can leave the penis sore.

If you find that there is not sufficient lubrication naturally, try using a lubricant such as KY Jelly (which is available from your local supermarket or pharmacy) as this will help to reduce friction.

The other thing could be that your husband actually has a skin condition of some sort, such as eczema, which would require medical attention or the prescribing of a cream to treat it.

Another thing could be condoms, which I'm not too sure if you are using or not currently. If you are, it could be he is having a reaction to them, if you are not, you might like to try using one to see if it reduces the pain.

Ultimately, taking things slowly and having rest periods will help to minimise the pain. If you are still experiencing problems after a prolonged period of time though, you should see your doctor.

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