Does Having Sex For The Second Time Still Hurt?


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The whole "the first time is supposed to hurt" thing is just a myth.  Sex is never supposed to hurt.  When sex does hurt, it's usually your body's way of telling you that you are doing something wrong.

The most common cause of pain is dryness.  Women can experience dryness at any time.  But the first time they have sex is usually the worst because being nervous keeps their body from getting properly lubricated and they don't know enough to get a lubricant from the store.

The second most common cause of pain is being tense.  That can happen at any time in a woman's life too, but it usually happens the first time because the woman is nervous.

So yes, there often is pain the first time.  But that doesn't mean it is supposed to be there, that it has to be there, or that it is unavoidable.  In fact, the pain could have been avoided in almost every case if only the people did a little basic research about the human body, about lubrication, and about relaxation before jumping into bed.

If you had sex once and experienced pain that means you probably didn't do your research before having sex either.  So make sure you do the research before having sex again.  Sex is not all fun and games.  It is a big responsibility, and there is a lot to know.  Whether or not the second time hurts is up to you and how prepared you are.

Next time take your time, relax, get comfortable with your partner, research fertility and pregnancy, get a water-based lubricant from the store, make sure you have a basic understanding of reproductive anatomy, and make sure you have at least one method of birth control.  If you still experience pain, talk to your doctor about it.
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Usually, it will slightly but definately not as much as the first time, because the hymen (in girls) is usually already broken. Unless you have sex every single day, the vagina opening usually shrinks slightly (I doubt to the original size), so when the penis enters it again, it stretches out again. But it won't hurt as much, if there are any worries, use water based lubricant, it usually makes entering much easier.

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