Is There A Difference Between French Kissing And Making Out?


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Actually, there is.

A french kiss is a kiss that you use your tongue with.

Making out is more physical. You use your hands and body more. It is MUCH more intimate, but enjoyable.

Don't get them confused!!
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I think there the same.

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I'm 70, but this is the distinction that has made the most sense to me over the years:

French kissing ( a term I never really use...) is just tongue-kissing.
Making out is when you tongue-kiss someone for a while and it gets all passionate and...steamy..and touchy-feely.

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I'm not too sure but like wen me and my gf kiss its like....I guess both at the same time lol if you get what I'm saying ok if you don't I wont explain because that would be a little weird
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Well french kissing is when you use your tongue but making out means you use your hands and body more=)

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