When Does Hate Mean Love?


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I hate chocolate (because of what it does to my weight) but God do I love it.
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when the time comes you really love the person and that person just hurt you . All the love you feel for that person is hate but, one thing if that person says sorry of what that person did to you. Your heart will cry and I promise ll the hate you feel inside will be gone. We don't stop loving a person maybe it's less or more but we don't stop.=]
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Hate means love when you don't see the person like you did before but in a good way when you smile at them and get buterflies and take every mean thing you said to them back and you just want to hang out with them and and barrow there stuff and talk to them a lot itz and anoy them itz when your heart says when your inlove!
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Hate mean you  hate someone
love mean you love someone and feel something for heart
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Its when the person you love doesn't  show interest to feel insecure because you love him but he love love him but you hate him because you love him faithfully but he doesn't value it.
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The term ambivalence was used by Sigmund Freud to denote the concurrent existence of love and hate for the same person or item. For instance, at the time of a baby's oral stage, the principal substance which the baby associates with is the mother's breast. In the beginning, there is no ambivalence as the child is only interested in oral accommodation. In the second phase, the child begins to bite and it is here that ambivalence is first detected. The baby wants both types of satisfactions, libidinal as well as aggressive, and thus he both hates and loves the mother's breast. Further, the act of biting can become more violent, if the baby fears aggressiveness from others. Since the oral activity is still the principal basis of pleasure, and since he actually loves his mother's breast, the incorporation of the sadistic element takes the shape of actual ambivalence in the real sense of the term.

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