Why Do Single Women Always Go After Married Men? It's Selfish And Cruel, Anyone Agree?


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They crave what they can't have. Married men are usually stable and very reliable. What woman wouldn't want that. However, it's very interesting because they don't stop to think that if a man could leave his wife after "X" amount of years that it wouldn't happen to them. He's already lost his position as a foundation. The next answer would be that they truly are cruel and just want any man without regard to anyone but themselves.
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Not all single women do this, there are those of us who specifically WILL NOT date married men
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Most woman love a challenge.... If this man that they like is already taken than the can have another woman [the married man's wife] feeling as lonely as they felt when they didnt have anyone....they want to push their pain and loneliness on another woman while they have they have the fake happiness with another woman's man
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A Lot of women are attracted to men that are already taken for some odd reason but they are both selfish not just the woman the man is also if he hooks up with her as well.
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Because women like guys that are taken they know it's wrong and there going to end up getting hurt .... But I'm with I think it's stupid and wrong in the first place
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I disagree with that statement. When it comes to loving someone, you should listen to your heart and remember that love has nothing to do with possession. Very few women make it a goal in their lives to 'go after' a married man, but when love calls, you gotta answer. Now it is up to the individual to carry it through or not.
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Because the sex is better

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