To all the girls and women, DO NOT BE WEAK MINDED! Do not be gullible/naive and don't be weak minded. Many women are going down because of being weak mindedness to men. Do you agree?


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Arthur Wright , Florida Paralegal with a BS degree in Social-Psychology, answered

There was a day when this was true but nowadays with the Gay Movement being more open and a lot of guys being sissy girls, I tend to disagree and would actually say the women are taking a more leadership quality in todays society. But as to everything, there is always the exceptions and there will always be a male dominance in the world but its not as widespread as it once was.  Happy Holidays

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Brenda Everett
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I believe male dominance is coming to an end Arthur. It won't be long before women are able to have children without the presence of a man, where does that leave men then?
Arthur Wright
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You may be right Brenda as people and even God is tired of man destroying everything so its time to let Women have a go at it which is fine with me. We sure don't need anymore sissy-girls in the WH like we have now, so it would be nice to see a world of peace instead of men trying to destroy themselves and earth
Brenda Everett
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i agree. They call it mother earth for a reason. I am not being sexist here but women usually know how to look after things better than most men. Men will still have their purpose of course, but those sissy men of which you speak, unless science invents a way to allow them to reproduce with each other, they will soon die out.
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How can you tar all women with the same brush? There are many strong an amazing women in this world, some of us have achieved amazing things, often with no help at all from men.

So don't feel too sorry for us as we are making an impact and growing in influence.

It won't be long before most men will have a female boss as we are natural leaders. Look at lions for example.. The women are ones that lead the way, while the males are busy basking in their title "king of the jungle"

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