What Are The Worst Things A Guy Can Say To A Girl?


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You have no dignity?
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Miss Ms answered
" I want to sleep with your...brother!"
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I think the worst thing to say to a girl is this - oh my god I don't like you what are you thinking ?
But to a girl you just know as a friend there are a lot of thing to say wrong ! Like telling her that she is stupid or she isn't looking as good as some other girl ! It can be taken really serious !
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Calling me a bitch or a whore.
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They could say this respectable and crude words, curse names, and stuff like that. If it happens to you don't let it happen...B**** slap him before he can even apologize
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Well I think thats if a boy says I never liked you he is doing something really bad because I'm a girl myself and they should take it smooth if they need to say something like that to a girl whatever age

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