When I Talk To People On MSN, I Always Run Out Of Things To Say. How Can I Keep The Conversation Going?


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If your on msn you can always invite them to play a game, this can give you something to talk about and can lighten up the mood.
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Chatting on MSN is very similar to having a conversation with someone in real life, except that you are given more time to think about what to say!

If you are talking to someone new then you could keep a conversation going by asking them what their interests are, where they are from, what they do for a living etc, basically anything that will allow you to get to know a bit about the person. The more you learn about them, the more likely you are to discover that you have something in common with them, and that will help the conversation along.

Conversations can run dry even with friends when you are on MSN. The best way to keep it going with friends is to just catch up on events and talk about things you already know about etc, such as reflecting back on old events. If the conversation runs so dry that you are waiting for ages for your contact to type a message then you could always sign out and talk on another day, as you may have more to talk about if a few days have passed.
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Right, well I talk a lot on msn. You just need to think about who you are talking to, I have loads of friends who on msn are really boring, and its not my job to keep the conversation going. But I also have friends that are really chatty, the key to this is just being random I think. Say anything, and as long as it is even slightly interesting you can keep it going. A lot of the time its funny if you muck about and say "I'm watchinggg you" and this always gets a reply and is often quite funny. When you run out of things to say, just say a random fact :)? Or say "I have something really important to tell you..." and then laugh and say something stupid. Its easy once you get the hang of it -- hope I helped, good luck :)!
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Talk about how I'm a pimp ;]
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Talk about like sports and like stuuf that the two of you are interrested in
Like right now I'm talking to someone and I just asked him if he was playing sports this summer..
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Talk about your past you never know. But I am having same problem. Ive gone through all interests and things in common but don't know where to go from their. Has anyone got any ideas?
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Talk about differences and views on life, politics such as, global warming, war and other stuff like that :D and just be yourself really thats the main thing :D hope this helped :D
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If You were an Interesting Person, then you shouldn't run out, and if the other person wants to carry on the conversation they will keep it going.

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