I have a lot of trouble with starting a conversation, keeping it going and making it interesting- especially with men. Does anyone (from both genders would be great) have any tips on what to talk about etc? Thanks in advance!


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Danae Hitch answered

I read a lot and listen a lot to people around me. I watch the news so I know what is going on in the world. Listen to the conversations around you. What are other people talking about?

Ask the other person questions. If you're at an event and you're mingling, ask - how did you get involved with this organization? Is this your first meeting? Many people like to talk about themselves, so just start listening and asking questions. It's always awkward at first, but will smooth out with practice. Good luck.

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Here's a tip: the less you think the better off you'll be, conversations are meant to flow like a wave - one conversation will roll into another peacefully the moment you start thinking about what to say its a all over and the other person will think you aren't interesting because your thinking too hard just go with the flow and enjoy the ride!

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