I'm a shy guy and I wanted to know what's the best way to ask a guy out or to find out if they are interested in you?


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I would flirt and get them to ask you out since your so shy, however if you have someone in mind you want to ask, ask them out to something causal that you would feel comfortable with. And before you do  hype yourself up . If he says no its his lose.You are hot and can have anyone you want. Be confidant and dont feel bad if they say no. Their lose not yours. Best way is to find something they like and make a date for that place or activity.

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A little alcohol goes a long way to loosening inhibitions...

If he's a close friend, then maybe you should try and confide in him.

If you don't know him so well, or you're worried about telling him, try to turn it into a joke or game maybe? For example, if you set up a game of spin the bottle with a bunch of girls and guys sitting around, and then you spin the bottle and eventually it lands on him, and then you could do a quick kiss acting all begrudging... And if he seems to respond positively, you could go or a more passionate kiss?

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First things first, you should take things slowly; if you put all of your cards on the table, there's no going back.

Make an effort to be friendly, and if it feels appropriate, flirt a little. If you have a certain someone in mind, make sure you pay them attention whenever you are together, but always leave them wanting more.

If you feel like they may be attracted to you, test the water with a group date. Keep it casual and see how it goes. If you get on well when you are out in a group, suggest that you could maybe do something together a few days later.

Good luck and have fun!

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