Why Do Married Guys Or Guys With Girlfriends Check Out Other Girls?


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Just because a guy is "taken" doesnt mean he looses his visual attraction to other women.  It's just that they sometimes dont do it discreetly & i think thats wut pisses women off.  That & the fact that the woman they are currently w/may have some self-esteem issues they need to deal with.  I think its fine to check out other people, as long as it's done "tastefully" & discreetly.
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J3W3L 3D3N
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It just really hurts my feelings...it makes me think that my boyfriend doesnt think that im cute enough and has to go look at other girls...it really sucks.
Lily Moon
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U r OBVIOUSLY cute enough! He's only looking at these other girls, he's caressing YOU, kissing YOU, holding & telling YOU that he loves YOU. I realize that it sux if ur not confident in urself, but look at it logically, he's not doing those things with other girls, just u, cuz UR the special one. K :D
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I know I hate the sick feeling in my stomach, and they sometimes try to hide it or you feel disgraced. This is a good analogy: A dogs nature is to chase cars, dogs cant help it, its a natural thing for them. Its the same for men, its natural. You do have a problem though if they look too long or perhaps the male turns his head.(be smart about it) My fiance and I have a great friendship and relationship. I know I am the apple of his eye. I cook, clean, love him to extremes, make great money and I have been told that I am very beautiful. Its actually kind of fun to have the attitude of "Hey if you want her...go for it, she wont be like me" I am very confident because I treat him 110%. TRUST ME...they LOVE when you have confidence, its hot to them. A lot of pretty girls dont have it...they have bad attitudes, no intelligence or personalities which in fact make them ugly. To summarize: Be confident! I also look at it this way- God always has a plan, if its not meant to be you will find someone that is! :) SO LET THE CONFIDENCE SHINE! :)
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I hate it when guys say " you get mad because you have self esteem issues." I get mad when it happens and i have no self esteem issues, i have alot of self confidence when it comes to the way i look. I think the only reason they say that is because they're trying to justify what they do so it seems like were the one with the problems.
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That a man thing. He love his girl but he still got to check out other females.
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As they say "women are more like angels and men are more like beasts" we can't change nature.And it's in men's nature to look around even if they're crazy about their girl.i know ..it sucks!

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