Why do many guys never look for personality? Why do they only want looks? I'm 21 and never been loved and next month on the 14th is gonna be the most depressing Valentines day I've ever had because of my age.


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Arthur Wright answered
Guys do as they get older and learn that looks arent everything but younger guys have an image to protect among their  peers so to them looks are everything, but time does change everything eventually
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Adila Adila answered
First of all, not all guys look for the looks..8) But I agree that most do! And why? Because they are young of course! And young guys don't really know what they're looking for in a girl... Plus these guys aren't looking to settle down anytime so why do they care? They just think "Ohh fit girl, ain't she hot? I'm asking her out!" Whilst a REAL GROWN MAN will say "I'm looking for a serious relationship, that girl I spoke to seems nice". If you know what I mean! These guys are just wanting fun and nothing else... But you are not a toy to be played around with. Don't worry if you're single...8) You don't need to be in a relationship, pretty sure your prince will find you! You are beautiful and nice. So if you keep your eyes peeled he might be right infront of you! Stop searching because he just may find you..8) Don't be upset..You will be loved.. Have patience! XD

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