How do you tell if a shy guy likes you. Physical signs please?


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It is obviously a lot more difficult to know if a shy guy likes you; but there certainly are some signs in their body language to watch out for.

A guy who is interested in you will more than likely be hooked on watching you. Therefore if you pretend to be looking elsewhere but use the corner of your eye to keep him in vision then you should be able to see that he is gazing at you. This would be a great sign, as if you think about it the other way round and you saw someone you fancied, you wouldn't be able to take your eyes off him.

Another more subtle physical sign that someone may indeed like you is if you look at the position of their feet. It has been said by many body language experts that where the person's feet are pointing to is where their interest lies, no matter where they are actually looking. Therefore check out which direction his feet are pointing and if it is at you that could well be another sign.

Also, if you go up and talk to him or even just give him a smile, if he then goes a little red or becomes nervous then this could also be a good indicator that he likes you. He wouldn't be bothered about what you think of him if he didn't care about you and so showing increased shyness and embarrassment can definitely be a great sign he likes you.

A lot of shy guys are just worried that the person may not like them back and so fear rejection. However if they get a clear indication that the feelings are mutual, then they could well make the first 'move' and so it is worth letting him know if you do want something to happen.
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Glances your direction and quickly looks away. If you look around and you will always catch him somewhere in the area.
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Its really hard as each has his or her own way but what you mention is just nervousness around you or anyplace for that matter so its almost impossible to tell sometimes
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Smiling, blushes, looks away when you look at him, almost the same as any guy/ girl would.
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If he actually smiles and enjoy's talking to you. If a shy guy even says that he likes you. Shy boy's aren't meant to say what they feel, but if they do, and if he does then he LIKE's you!!!
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The best way is to tell is ask him stright up! Cus sumtimes a boy will stare at yu but not like yu! Maby the like yur shirt? Haha I don't know but askking is best!!!

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